Knife making

I have loved knives since I started cub scouts in kindergarten. I still remember (and have) the first knife my parents let me buy with my money at 11, and I have been growing my collection ever since. In the spring of 2016 I watched somebody on YouTube make a knife. I love making things. I love knives. Thus, my journey began. Since then, I have made several knives, each unique and better than the last which you can find here, as well as on the YouTube channel here.

Martial Arts 

I am fiercely protective of those I love. The need to be able to protect people is what spurred my interest, and the camaraderie  and close friendship is what kept me there. I am able to spend time with them in a way that allows us to both challenge and support each other. Since I first discovered this, I have loved and practiced mixed-martial arts with emphasis in Jiu-Jitsu and Aikido.

Aikido has taught me a very import concept: Randori. Randori roughly translates to “seize the chaos,” and is the closest that Aikido gets to full sparring. I would be put in the middle of the room with two-five others, who could use any attack we had learned. My job was to survive until my sensei said stop. There is a feeling unique to this, similar to being the eye of a hurricane. I had to be calm in the face of stress all around me. I find this applicable to nearly all aspects of life. Life is full of stress, and the ability to allow it to swirl around me while I stand calmly in the center is essential.


I started gaming, like many children, with Pokémon and Mario (for me, on the gameboy). My high school afternoons were filled with the sounds of zombies falling before my friend and me on the xbox. I moved on to the computer in college, ranging from Hearthstone to League of Legends to Overwatch.